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Gaming on

2014-05-04 23:15:57 by TigerJ15

i realise it's been a while since my last post, i just wanted to tell you guys that over the past 5 months I've been working on improving GAME and putting more into it. I've also had a lot happen to me. I got engaged and then got out of it (long story) I got accepted to uni and I'm trying to get that sorted I also reached 1000 subs on my youtube. So I've had a lot going on. But GAME has always been in my head and I'm pleased to say that GAME ep 2 will be out pretty soon :)

Hay I'm Justin Time

2014-01-01 13:26:11 by TigerJ15

So ... that was a close one. Almost didn't make it for new years eve, though it was new years day on this side of the pond I still made it. Then again this was meant to be finished on Christmas, but it's finished now so that's the main thing. So episode 2 is being worked on as we speak and will hopefully be out at some point, I'm not making a promise on a date because that always seems to backfire. So good bye for now and HAPPY 2014 everybody

Animator on vacation

2013-08-24 20:23:20 by TigerJ15

So basically part 2 of ep1 is delayed for the simple fact that Degue1297 (The animator of the series) is on vacation in Ireland, so .... yeah, luckily I have a back up animation team that are seperatly working on the next 3 fights and the animation, which will hopefully be done in the next month or so

NG London meet up

2013-08-02 10:49:54 by TigerJ15

Hay peoples, me here unless it's my clone in which case it's NOT me but my clone. Anyway I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm going to the Newgrounds London meet up (since I'm a Londoner) next week so if any of you guys wanna come or would like to meet me then feel free to come. Also part 2 of GAME episode 1 hopefully will be out soon I just need to get all of the different parts and put them together, so look forward to that :)

a little late to the party

2013-06-23 13:53:22 by TigerJ15

Hay Peoples me here I basically want to say that even though episode 1 is late it will be out either today or tomorrow since I've been having troubles with both the animator and the voice cast, so just bare with it for the time being also I'd like to say that each episode will be split into parts since all together it would be SUPER long and probably take 20 minutes, plus if it's in part then I don't have to worry about the entire thing being finished in time for deadlines

Get your GAME on

2013-05-02 14:09:29 by TigerJ15

Hay peoples so I basically started this post to tell you about GAME, for those of you that don't know it's a giant tournament between video game and anime characters e.g. Goku, Sonic, Luffy, Mario e.c.t. So it come out next month which is going to be AWESOME because there's a lot of plot a lot of twists and a lot of characters. So with the first episode not that far away I only have 1 thing to say ... it's time to "get your GAME on"

Also if you guys have any questions about the series or anything else then feel free to ask in the comment section :)

New Grounds to cover

2013-01-18 16:09:10 by TigerJ15

So I just added my first video ever to the negrounds video roster and it went with a bang, honestly I think it went better than I thought it would, Newgrounds is VERY different to Youtube so I'll have to see what else is comming my way, and i got 2 new fans who are awesome, for you guys I'll tell you this I have a video comming out for GAME next month in which some of the voice actors will be playing their characters and will show you what the series is all about, hope you guys will enjoy the video for now until I finish off the script fot the next video, thanks peoples and stay awesome